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About FreightJuice

Freight Juice is an authorized agency for a Melton technologies cloud-based Trucking Management Software system or TMS.

Originally founded in 1984 as Integrated Transportation Software (ITS), the foundation of Melton Technologies (MTI) has always been about making it easier for trucking companies to embrace new technology and improve their bottom line with high-quality trucking software.Chuck Melton, who worked with Pilot Freight Carriers in the late 70s and early 80s, saw deregulation as one of the key milestones that would allow smaller companies to compete with larger ones, provided they had the right technology.ITS was one of the first PC-based trucking software companies to offer integration to the then-new satellite tracking offerings of QUALCOMM, offering its QTRACS and Circle of Service products for automating Dispatch.

In 1994, the company was bought by Qualcomm, Inc. and managed by their OmniTracs division.

In May 1997, Melton reacquired the company, products, and key personnel under the MTI banner.

Today, MTI is a leading provider of PC-based trucking software, covering all aspects of fleet management operations, from dispatch operations to billing and settlements to maintenance and driver compliance.The company has had customers stay with them for decades including those that are still working with the company since 1984.

Freight Juice is proud to work with this fine software partner which has been upgraded to the latest cloud-based software standards.Our mission is to help bring the next generation of carriers, logistics, and freight brokerage professionals to the next level of productivity and success in the United States.

Freight Juice exclusively represents software for freight, asset-based carriers, and logistics companies.

Our software solution for these specific load fleet management tasks has been used in live freight operations and has been continuously upgraded since 1984.

It now exists as a state-of-the-art cloud service that works as online and mobile app form factors for the freight and trucking professionals along with management, organization and documentation, and imaging tools for the dispatchers who serve them.

Users need only a modern browser or smartphone to use our software.

Freight Juice has been realizing and implementing seamless integrations with information providers for load offerings, and truck data information providers from popular companies (Samsara for example) for this 39-year duration.

The freight juice software provider that we offer has been and continues to be competitively investing in upgraded features in modern technologies for load optimization along with an easy-to-use and approachable interface for the users. Since we understand that the software will be depended on for daily operation, training is required from our education team.

In addition to strong TMS SaaS offerings, we offer web development, social media, marketing, and review management services for fleet and freight management and freight forwarding professionals.

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